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WOW! I am overwhelmed at the interest and excitement over my 8-WEEKS TO BUILD HEALTHIER HABITS CHALLENGE!!


Official sign up starts Monday, January 21st but due to many requests I am opening up a presale!


To purchase the PRESALE of my challenge, you must:


  • have consistent access to computer, e-mail, and Facebook
    • Weekly Habit information will be sent via e-mail - if unable to open on phone, challenger will need to have computer access. Participation in challenge will be through private Facebook group
  • be a female (this is a women's only challenge!)
  • read the information below and UNDERSTAND what you are signing up for
  • pay your PayPal invoice before sign-up goes live the morning of January 21st
  • sign the waiver stating you have read and understand the expectations and rules of the challenge
  • be ready and willing to change your habits and improve your life!!!


What the 8-Weeks to Build Healthier Habits Challenge IS:

-Each week a new Habit is covered for challenger to adopt

-Educational weekly e-mail about that week's Habit with information, tips, activities, and resources

-Priority Planner mailed out to all challengers to fill out and strengthen daily habit-building (to be used during or after challenge; whatever the challenger chooses)

-Private support group (on Facebook) for challengers to engage, ask questions, offer/receive support, and participate in weekly activities related to challenge

-Weekly LIVE Q&A in group where I cover the habit more in depth and give you a chance to ask questions and discuss the habit

-Prizes to reward participating challengers who engage in the support group and practice the weekly Habit



What the 8-Weeks to Build Healthier Habits Challenge is NOT:

-One-on-one Nutrition Coaching (there will be NO 1:1 coaching and ALL communication will be through Facebook group)

-A weight loss challenge (weight loss may be the goal for some participants, but that is not the focus of this challenge!)

-A calorie/macro focus (there will be NO calorie/macro calculations done; all nutrition habits will be based on food groups and general nutrition guidelines)

-A fitness challenge (physical activity will be a habit covered but NO fitness plans will be given out)

-Individual consultations (this is a group challenge!)

-No refunds offered (once you're in - you're in!)


Additional Details--

START DATE: Friday, February 1st

END DATE: Friday, March 29th

COST: $80 (paid through PayPal on website)

REGISTRATION OPENS: Monday, January 21st (limited number of participants)



IMPORTANT: We will cover topics such as Meal Planning, Meal Prepping, Physical Activity, Time Management, Sleep, and more!! These are general healthy habits that can improve our day-to-day lives! If weight loss is your goal (yay you!) that is perfectly fine and can be shared, BUT NO weight loss measurements will be asked/taken/used for reward! Calorie and macro calculations will NOT be given; all nutrition information will be general guidelines and NO one-on-one coaching or messaging will take place; ALL communication will be within the group.




E-Mail: hdowney@prepandpepllc.com to receive invoice, waiver, and secure spot



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